Portfolio Update – July 26, 2022

As with my last two portfolio update posts, I’ve decided to make one more change today. More of the same in fact. I’ve converted the last of the fixed income component to XLB selling the remaining ZPR.

The final portfolio allocation mix is shown below. 

Below is a bit more context in relation to when the year started.

WhY make a change now?

I’m doing this for the exact same reason as the prior two posts before this one. 

Part of me wonders if switching to XLB entirely fir the fixed income component was as a result of feeling a sense of capitulation while another part is chiding me for not having taken care of this earlier.

I guess time will tell if this was a good choice or not. 

What do you think? Capitulation? Or a sound and wise move after more than two and a half years of no significant change aside from a small stake in MFT early in 2022?

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