Portfolio Update – July 22, 2022

As with my portfolio update post yesterday, I’ve decided to make some more changes today. Sometimes, making an initial change in the portfolio after quite some time of inertia helps to make other necessary changes in the B&D. As can be seen below, I have cleared out the ETF VSB and MFT and have cut another 3% from ZPR.

VSB was sold out of my LIRA and RRSP. MFT was sold out of my RRSP. The 3% of the portfolio in ZPR was sold out of the TFSA and leaves the remaining 12% of the B&D portfolio in ZPR in the non-registered account. Technically, I should have done all this all together however sometimes making changes in blocks allows for things to be a bit easier mentally.

All these sold ETF balances have been switched over to XLB. The final portfolio allocation mix is shown below. 

Below is a bit more context in relation to when the year started.

WhY make a change now?

I’m doing this for the exact same reason as yesterday.

I guess time will tell if this was a good choice or not. 

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