Portfolio Update – August 9, 2022

This update is a reversion of my July 26, 2022 update. I’ve made the decision to convert the XLB in my non-registered account back to ZPR. 

The final portfolio allocation mix is shown below. 

Below is a bit more context in relation to when the year started.

WhY make a change now?

It’s important to ensure your investments are within your risk tolerance. Admittedly, being fully in XLB was bothering me and I made a change that would bring things back in line to my comfort zone. sometimes, it takes a bit of wiggling around to get it right. And sometimes, only after making a change do you sometimes realize you went a bit too far. That’s what it felt like after the July 26, 2022 portfolio change. 

At this stage, things feel a bit more balanced.

What do you think? Capitulation? Or a sound and wise move?

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