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Is Your Investment Portfolio Competitive?

I’ve got a dirty little secret. It’s the same dirty secret that many of you out there have. We don’t want to admit to it of course. We’re stoic. Independent. Intrinsically motivated. But that’s a lie and we all know it. What am I talking about? Comparing our investment portfolios […]

My Investment Portfolio

Time to start getting into the meat of things. my investment approach and portfolio strategy have changed over time. Going a bit back in time will hopefully help give some context on how I got to my current investment approach and why I feel this is the best approach to […]

Achieving Your Goals And Dreams

For the longest time, creating this blog and sharing the things I’ve learned with others regarding investing and financial independence was a dream. It percolated in my head for quite some time and went…nowhere. Why? This, my friends, is the cautionary tale of dreams and goals. I know that sounds […]

And So It Begins

As I write out this very first blog post, I’ll admit to a level of reticence and reluctance. There has been so much written in the personal finance space as well as in the personal finance niche that is called FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early). Would anything that I add […]