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Portfolio Update – August 9, 2022

This update is a reversion of my July 26, 2022 update. I’ve made the decision to convert the XLB in my non-registered account back to ZPR.  The final portfolio allocation mix is shown below.  Below is a bit more context in relation to when the year started. WhY make a […]

My Portfolio Asset Allocation – Part 7 (BMO)

This is a multi-part series exploring in-depth each of the individual allocations I have in my B&D investment portfolio. In today’s post, I’ll dig into BMO which is the stock ticker symbol for Bank of Montreal. I’ll talk about: what it is the actual allocation in the portfolio why I hold […]

Monthly Portfolio Update: July 2022

When it comes to the financial health and well being of an investment portfolio, I find it’s good to be able to sit down and review if it’s doing everything that I expect it do to. For me, that’s monthly. After all, I want to ensure that it’s going to […]

Portfolio Update – July 26, 2022

As with my last two portfolio update posts, I’ve decided to make one more change today. More of the same in fact. I’ve converted the last of the fixed income component to XLB selling the remaining ZPR. The final portfolio allocation mix is shown below.  Below is a bit more […]

Portfolio Update – July 22, 2022

As with my portfolio update post yesterday, I’ve decided to make some more changes today. Sometimes, making an initial change in the portfolio after quite some time of inertia helps to make other necessary changes in the B&D. As can be seen below, I have cleared out the ETF VSB […]