And So It Begins

As I write out this very first blog post, I’ll admit to a level of reticence and reluctance. There has been so much written in the personal finance space as well as in the personal finance niche that is called FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early). Would anything that I add to the topic provide any further value?

Well, part of this is that many others provided me a guiding hand and did so in a generous and humble manner. As a result of that and because I’ve been successful at improving my own financial circumstances so much as a result (I made my first million dollars at the age of 41), I feel the need to share my own experiences with others in the same way. To do so without preaching or judging. I think there are enough people out there doing that calling themselves financial experts or gurus. Some are actually good. Many of them stink and mostly are trying to part you from your money. I think those who decide to come here and read what I’ve shared will know on their own whether all of this is fluff or potentially life changing. If I’m able to help any others gain further perspective to improve their financial circumstances, I’ll be a really happy camper.

In my case, I decided that it would be important to invest and improve my financial circumstances in a replicable, consistent, and profitable way. What do I mean by that?

It’s probably best that I explain it and show you. Piece by piece. In my upcoming blog posts, I’ll share the following:

  • How all this figures into achieving your goals and dreams
  • My investment portfolio
  • How to know whether the investment portfolio is competitive
  • The importance of balance and diversification
  • How to leave emotions, stress and uncertainty at the door
  • The importance of rebalancing
  • Why fiddling less with your investment portfolio is the key to success
  • Why you occasionally do need to fiddle with your investment portfolio
  • Other relevant topics that will come as seem appropriate with the passage of time

An important piece of all of this is your engagement and participation. I hope to improve how I share information through your feedback. The more I receive, the better I can focus on what will give you, my audience, the greatest value.

How do you feel at this point? Are you ready to embark on this journey?

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